Someone who does what he loves


I have watched several times the RSA videos and every time I love the quality, creativity and mastery of the illustrators and animators. Today, I just came to find the name of the guy behind, while watching this video in TED:

I googled his name (Andrew Park) and found his company

It comes to me just at the right moment, after a delicious dinner at Pratiyan and Deepa’s. As usual we had a profound conversation about life and happiness, and once again I left their place feeling inspired to go out, find what I really love and start doing it.

It is easy to say and a quite obvious truth. I’ve also read a whole book (read book) about it and infected (in a positive way) others with the idea of allowing children to explore their own distinctive intelligences and do what their love.

Nevertheless, I personally haven’t been able to do it, even to try it.

Today I realized that every time I run into an idea I immediately evaluate it in terms of success (how successful could it be?), money (can I get enough money out of it?), and time (can I get it soon?). I’m definitely scared, paralyzed by my own fears.

Why does it happen this way? Because I unconsciously believe that success has to be “achieved” and it is only “achieved” through a limited number of traditional paths. So I better try to follow one of these paths no matter if I’m not good at it or I don’t like it. It happens to me although I have been free enough to make my own choices (to study Philosophy, to work for an NGO, to have my own company, to move to Germany, to marry the man I love).

Somehow this deep and unconscious belief  ” you must be successful ” speak louder in my mind than the belief “you must be happy”.

But when I watch this kind of things like an RSA animation, Martin Guitars, Fazioli Pianos, Lind Chocolates, and so on; I can see someone who is passionate about what he does and is extremely successful in doing that. I realize by myself that whenever you do what you love, and love it so much that you will work as hard as possible to become the best in doing that, people will buy what you do no matter what it is.

So I will stop trying to live someone else’s life and will start doing what I love with passion and persistence.

Who I am, what I love, and where I’m gonna get? I tell you later.


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