A lied for the hidden sounds


Last week I was taking a ride with my friend Prati in his brand new car through the Alsace, running very fast through the curvy roads, and my head was spinning and thoughts came to me like a storm and I was hit by an idea: I would create an amazing symphony. A symphony? Yes, why not? Ok, just one Lied (song), in which all the sounds could come from the non conscious and lovely sounds of the instruments. And I thought for several hours about the idea of creating this lead sheet full of symbols and thrills and expression symbols, and everybody could hear what the instrument has to say. And I recalled John Cage – 4:33, and his words: “I have nothing to say and I’m saying it”, and after some research I realized my idea was older than me. Maybe ideas are alive, and I was hunting a ghost that died a long time ago.

Anyway I decided to list some of the beautiful, not intended sounds of the piano playing experience: hammer sounds, key sound, pedal noise when I hit it, pedal noise when my foot slips of the pedal, piano cover falling, sound of the old bench when I sit, sound of my breathing, sound of my brain trying to play things my hands can not… and I remembered also one of my favorite sounds, the orchestra warm up. Here is a sample (YouTube is so awesome!!!)

So, this is how my lied ends. It is just four measures long, and it ends on a ppp. It ends on a ppp.


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