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Cakes and music symbols


This is my first post. It’s been a while since the last time I tried doing it, but I’m finding it surprisingly easy 😀

First, I have to say that English is not my mother tongue. Not even close, especially with my recent improvements on German language, that have deteriorated my English writing skills. But I love writing in English because somehow I do not need to look for the perfect word to come out, I just write what I feel, how I sense the world, how am I feeling, and that’s easy!

Right now I wake again, from a deep dreaming that have consumed my last 3 years. Today I say goodbye to my efforts to make Startics a great company. It is, it was. But now it’s the time to draw my attention from programming and focus myself on music and other business. Now I have decided to continue working as a programmer, just for the sake of friendship and because some projects really need us to be part of 😉 – Startics will remain as the first company who I dreamed of, and her memory (yes, it was a girl) will be kept on those shy websites that still spot the beloved “powered by Startics” on the footer.

It’s a little hard to say goodbye. I could have tears on my eyes, but all I have is a smile for the time we work together with Ana, Julian, Robert, Rafaela and Sebastian. We created some beautiful websites and I personally dreamed of making something big out of this company. I can safely say that Startics was powered by heart.

Now, the time for cakes and music symbols has come. As the winter approaches and the days become darker and cooler, I see myself eating delicious cakes and devoting time and action to make Ana’s dream real. At the same time I’ll run to face the old monsters of my childhood with a recently strengthened and -overall- overlooked courage. I’m deep into sight reading and my little drummer will accompany me in the journey.